Hello Parents and Guardians! Here is what everyone can expect for Reading this week!

This week we will continue diving deeper into Literature Circles! Literature Circle discussions will be held for each group once a week, therefore, students are given a whole week at a time to complete their Literature Circle tasks! These tasks allow students to develop the proper reading skills that require them to think deeper about their reading. This will be our fifth week working with Literature Circles! We are very excited to see students working through their books and challenging themselves as readers! 

This week we are starting our second unit in Reading which is our "Non-Fiction" Unit. To start this unit off, we will be teaching students how to sequence events! 

We will also be continuing to connect our reading mini-lessons to our "class read-aloud" books, to model how to use and implement reading strategies as we continue through each unit! This type of teaching format is also beneficial to our students because these books are worth AR points, therefore, they can take quizzes over them after we have read them and discussed them! So it has bonus benefits! This week we will be finishing up, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and we will start a new Class Read Aloud book, "Bunnicula". 

As always, we are continuing to encourage students to think critically about their reading and to continue to challenge themselves as readers! We always allow students plenty of time during each day to do independent reading as well, however, we also encourage them to read at home. As a reminder: October 16th is the last day of 1st Quarter! Students are expected to reach their AR Goals by this date. If they do not reach their AR Goal by this date, they will not be able to participate in the AR Party. Please encourage students to read at home as well as utilizing their time here to help them reach their AR Goal! 

We are very proud of 4th Grade and look forward to another great week! Please take advantage of the impact you can make at home as well! Please try to encourage your children to read at home as well as at school, or perhaps try to read to them! Even if it's just 10-15 minutes, it can make such a difference!