This year's library schedule rotates on a number basis.  
There is still a possibility for changes due to assemblies, school events, etc.
Teachers will let students know if they are coming on a different day.
 Day/ Grade  Day 1    Day 2  Day 3      Day 4        Day 5  Day 6
 Preschool *  
 Kindergarten  McNorton Coy           Steiner  McNorton     Coy  Steiner
 First   Green      Pollard  Lower  Green   Pollard   Lower
 Second   Goodlet    Prescher  Kneib  Goodlet      Prescher
 Third  Chellew  Tanner  Smith  Chellew Tanner  Smith
 Lampe   Brown    Kountz
 Fifth    Kline          Dobson         Fritz
 Sixth    Voisard   Albright    Bishop

             * Ms. Ussary's preschool will visit the library on Tuesdays (not a numbered day).
This schedule does not reflect the time of day that students visit.

Red - lesson/checkout     Blue - checkout only