About Me

*About Me:

Hello! I have been the Elementary School Counselor here for 16 years. My husband and I are alumni of Mid-Buchanan and our two children now attend here. I provide K-6 classroom lessons on various topics, including: bullying, friendship, feelings, drugs and alcohol, study skills, time management and organizational skills, self-esteem and career education. I also visit with students on an individual and small group basis in my office, as needed.


*Individual/Small Group Counseling:

If a student or students need/want to visit with me in my office because they have an issue that they are trying to work out, I will happily meet with them. They are NOT in trouble if they come visit me. I also do not “fix” their problem for them. I help them find solutions to a problem that is happening in their lives. Several suggestions are given to solve the issue and the student decides which solution they want to try (sometimes with my help). I also do not always contact parents after a student has visited me. If I DO contact a parent, the student is made aware that I am going to do so.



When a student visits with me in my office, what is said in my office, stays between them and I, EXCEPT for 3 reasons. If ANY of the following are disclosed to me, I am MANDATED BY LAW to report. These 3 reasons are:

1.) The student discloses that they want to hurt themselves (this includes suicidal thoughts, attempts already made & self-harming behavior).

2.) The student discloses that someone is hurting them.

3.) The student discloses that they want to hurt someone else.