Elementary Counselor

Welcome Back!

And just like that…..summer is over! Man, is it GOOD to be back! I just love the first day of school and can’t wait to see all the kids’ faces!! While most students are ready to come back to school – to see their friends and to tackle another year of learning -- there are those that are feeling anxious.  The following is a list that can help ease the transition back into school for those kids that may not be as eager to return:

Start “school” bedtime routines 2 weeks BEFORE school starts. This lets kids get prepared for school again, both physically and mentally. 

)Have a discussion with your child(ren) about school routines and answer ANY and ALL questions they may have. Especially questions about where they will be going after school. This is one of the biggest worries that we see at school and it’s something parents sometimes don’t think to tell their children about. Or parents tell their children about after school care plans in passing and the children forget. Please send a note to the officeTRUST ME. Kids panic at 2:55 when they don’t remember where they’re supposed to go!

3. )Give your child(ren) something to carry throughout the day that will remind them of you so they can find comfort when they touch it. (make it small enough to fit in their pocket). Examples include: dragon tears (small craft pebbles that go in flower vases), a special rock or shell from your vacation, bracelets that they wear (I have these in my office and I also wear a complete set of these bracelets for students to see throughout the day), anything small that will remind them of you. 

4.)If they’re having a particularly hard time, have them bring a small picture of you (or the family) and we can tape it to their desk (this works VERY well for the younger kids). 

5.)Please COME FIND ME at Open House so that I can help youduring this time on the first day of school (or the first few days)  when your child doesn’t want you to leave and you’re having flashbacks to leaving them at daycare for the first time. I will take good care of your child and then call you with an update on how they are doing mid-morning. 

See you on the first day of school! 
Mrs. Cross, Elementary Counselor

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see ~~Mark Twain


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