For Parents

How Parents Can Support the Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Plan

Your help with PBIS is very important and your support sends an important message to your child that we are working together as a team to help him/her be successful in school. We understand that your home environment may have different expectations, but in order to support your child’s success in school we ask that you support our school’s expectations in the following ways:

1. Please spend time reviewing the PBIS expectations with your child.
2. Please remind your child of the PBIS expectations each day before he/she leaves for school.
3. Our system is consistent and predictable so if your child has earned a consequence please support the decision and do all you can to have your child take responsibility for his/her actions. Your child will be told the reason for the consequence and he/she should be able to tell you what occurred. If you have any questions regarding the situation please call the classroom teacher or an administrator.
4. When your child gets home from school, talk with them about their day and ask if their behavior was acknowledged with a Dragon Dollar or other privilege. Ask your child what they did to earn a Dragon Dollar. Please offer your child extra praise and reinforcement for these behaviors.
5. If your child did not meet the school expectations that day, use the matrix as a tool to go over and reinforce specific expected behaviors.
6. You might try to use the same language at home. You might even add a column to the matrix defining expected behavior at home.